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Added 23rd of December 2014, expires Tuesday 31st of December 2019

About Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics

Vital Choice is a trusted source for fast home delivery of some of the world's finest wild seafood and organic fare, harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and farms. Vital Choice capture the fresh-caught quality of fine, sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon as well as other Alaskan and northwest Pacific seafood by cleaning and flash-freezing it within hours of harvest. The fisheries that supply most of their seafood are certified sustainable by MSC or the State of Alaska, or are widely considered sustainable. Vital Choice also offers selected Organic, Natural, and Kosher foods, picked for their superior nutritional and culinary qualities.

Stockists of: Alaskan King Crab, Albacore Tuna, and Shellfish, Astaxanthin Marine Antioxidant, Burgers, Bacon, and Sausage, Calamari Wild Pacific, Canned and Pouched Wild Seafood, Canned Seafood Samplers, Cod Wild Alaskan, Cultured Clams Live and Frozen, Cultured Mussels Live and Frozen, Cultured Oysters Live and Frozen, Curcumin in Wild Salmon Oil, Daily Packs: Omega 3s + D3, Dungeness Crab, and more ...

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